Register with the practice

We can only accept new patients who live in our practice catchment area.

Our catchment  area is the geographical area we cover as a Practice. If you live within this area you should be eligible to register with us. We will usually ask for evidence of your address to verify this.
This map indicates the catchment area for Shenley Green Surgery. Please enquire at reception if you have any questions regarding your eligibility to register as a patient.

You can register by completing a registration form (GSM1) which can be downloaded here. When you register, we may ask you to make an appointment to see the practice nurse (or doctor if you are on regular medication) for a new patient health check. This will ensure that our records are accurate and all routine checks to promote your health and wellbeing (such as blood pressure/smear tests/mammograms) are up-to-date.


22 Shenley Green Lane, Selly Oak, Birmingham, B29 4HH
Supplied by Central Midlands CSU
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